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Buy or Sell Antique Clocks and Timepieces

Your clock or pocket watch doesn't have to be in working condition for us to buy it from you. Bring your antique and unique timepieces to Beverly Gold Exchange for an evaluation.

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All types of timepieces:

  • Antique and unique clocks
  • Turn-of-the-century and early 1900's
  • Wall, table, and T-wound clocks
  • Grandfather clocks and pocket watches
  • Working and non-working
  • No repairs or parts, only buying and selling
We Pay Cash For Silver

Buy and sell rare collectibles

What might look like old junk to you could actually be a unique collectible that we'd be willing to buy from you. Visit our store and find out if what you own is valuable.

You'll get great prices when buying or selling gold, silver, diamonds, antique clocks and pocket watches, and metal detectors. Contact us for details and quick cash!

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